Why is
more than food?

Supporting independent farmers in your area with a CSA farm share means you’re getting the freshest local food there is. You’ll also be a part of something much bigger… it’s why CSA is so much more than food!

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Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the original food subscription box!

Find a CSA farmer in your area.

Choose the right subscription box size for your household.

Enjoy fresh, delicious, local fruits & vegetables every week all season long!

Joining a local CSA is easy:

Get the freshest, healthiest food

Food in your CSA box was picked at the peak of freshness, usually within a day of packing and pickup. CSA farmers grow varieties famous for their flavor, not their durability on a cross-country haul. The difference will be obvious in every meal you make!

The variety of food in your CSA box may introduce you to vegetables and varieties you’ve never tried (or seen!) before. Many farmers include recipes and cooking tips with each week’s CSA box, making it easy to try new things.

Discover new favorite foods

Know Your Farmer

During the weeks of your CSA, you’ll undoubtedly get to know your local farmer as they communicate with you about the week’s harvest, happenings on the farm, photos, recipes, and even their online communities. You’ll know that the food in your CSA box was grown and harvested by friends, who care deeply about providing you with the season’s best.

Keep your dollars in your community

Your CSA subscription helps to share and offset the inherent risks in farming, ensuring local farmers earn a living in spite of what Mother Nature may do during the season. In a year with bumper crops, you enjoy the surplus, too!

Help the Environment

Local food travels far fewer miles, creating minimal environmental impact for those gorgeous heirloom carrots, tomatoes and beans! In addition, most CSA farmers are using sustainable growing methods that better preserve the environment — they plant a diverse range of fruits and vegetables (and oftentimes raise chickens and other livestock) to create a healthy ecosystem on their land.

Secure your food in 2021!

2020 taught us that global supply chains are fragile, and the more local our food systems, the stronger our communities. A CSA subscription ensures your family has access to fresh local food, no matter how empty the shelves are at the big box grocery stores.

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